There are many people that would love to install a ceramic or porcelain tile floor
. . . but . . . "It's going to be too hard to maintain. Plus, the dirty grout joints are impossible to clean; and who knows what to do if a tile breaks."
I have heard every argument for and against ceramic tile installations. People have been misled because of older installation protocol. Tile installers did not install tile like we do today. They would install on wood without cement board. They would use wrong types of thinset. They would install tile without. They would pour single layer shower pans. And do you know what is happening? Tile installations that were done this way are cracking up off the floor and homeowners are curious and frustrated. Why does this happen?

Glad you asked. I am not going to tell you exactly what happened to each of those scenarios, but I will say this. Ceramic tile flooring is the easiest floor to maintain and a close second is hardwood. Ceramic tile is a 100 year product. It should not come up unless something is done wrong. Also, grout should be sealed to prevent discoloration and dirt. This sealer needs to be applied to the grout lines every 1-3 years, whatever the bottle says. The reason Tile is the most maintainance free flooring is that it does not have to be sanded every 3-4 years. Hardwood needs to be sanded and refinished. That is a lot of work and expensive in most cases. Plus, think about the dust that gets all over your house. Laminate and other soft flooring do not even come close to be maintainance free because it scratches, scrapes, and cuts.

If you are someone who has a fear of installing ceramic tile somewhere because of the time it will take to maintain it . . . think again and consider the easy ways of keeping the grout and tiles clean! - Carlson Stone And Tile - Serving Hutchinson, MN 55350 and ALL surrounding areas. Thanks.

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    April 2010